Library Card


Who can get a library card, how to apply, and how to use your library card.
Patron Library Cards

An individual is issued a number that will be entered in the computer. It is the responsibility of the patron for any materials checked out on their card.  No one may check out items on another’s number. As long as the patron has no outstanding fines or overdue books, they will be able to utilize services at the library.  All materials that are checked out to patrons will be kept confidential.  It will be the responsibility of the library and staff to only share titles of books and materials with the person that has checked the materials out.


Fines will be 5 cents per day for each item that is overdue. Video, DVD's, and stamping kits will be charged at the rate of 20 cents per open day.  No fine will be assessed for cake pans and puzzles. 

Lost or Damaged Materials

If materials are lost or damaged, the card holder will be charged a replacement cost.  The card holder will be given sufficient time to locate the lost material before a charge is in place.

Book Reserves

The library will reserve a book that is requested by taking your name and phone number.  The library will contact the card holder when the material is available.

Book Renewal

The library will renew materials by telephone or by bringing material to the library.  Exception for renewal is if the material is in high demand or if there is a reserve on the material.