Library Director


Lezlie Barry is the Director of the Maynard Community Library.  Lezlie started on October 1, 1998.  When she started at the library there was one computer that was shared with staff and the public.  At that time, if someone was on the computer, the staff couldn't use the phone and had to wait for the computer to be open. In June 2017, the Maynard Community Library opened a new building.  The building includes a meeting room, plenty of storage and library space that is more than double of the old building.  Lezlie has worked with her Library Board, Architect, General Contractor and many volunteers on the project.  

Through the years, Lezlie has become a certified Public Librarian in the State of Iowa.  Every three years, Lezlie renews her certification.  Lezlie has also succeeded with the library reaching accreditation. Lezlie has also worked at the Westgate, Wadena and Arlington Libraries.  She currently is the Fayette County Library Association Treasurer.

Away from the library, Lezlie likes spending time with her family. Lezlie has 2 daughters, Jamie and Anna and a grandson, Jaxon. Lezlie enjoys puzzles, scrapbooking, shopping, fishing and boating.